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Transfer Allies Program

The Transfer Allies Program is a resource for new transfer students to help facilitate their adjustment to Saint Mary’s.

The program is facilitated by Bethany Mota, Student Success Specialist/Adviser, along with student Transfer Allies. The Transfer Allies Program assists new students in their transition to Saint Mary’s by providing resources for personal and academic success and hosting events to promote a sense of belonging to campus and the Winona community. We look forward to meeting you and helping you make the most of your journey here at Saint Mary’s!

Meet your Transfer Allies

Mariah D'Souza

Mariah D'Souza

Transfer Ally

Major: Elementary Education
Hometown: Burnsville, MN
Favorite Hobby: Singing, Dancing, Acting
Favorite class at Saint Mary’s: Anything to do with teaching
Favorite place to study on campus: My room or a room in Mary’s
Favorite place to eat off campus: El Patron or Mangos
Advice to new transfer students: Don’t be afraid to venture out and meet new people. Here at Saint Mary’s the people are so nice and welcoming, ask for help if you don’t know where you’re going. Get involved and put yourself out there!

Aaron Kibirige

Aaron Kibirige

Transfer Ally

Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown: Kampala, Uganda
Favorite Hobby: Watching movies and soccer, playing soccer
Favorite class at Saint Mary’s: General Psychology
Favorite place to study on campus: Fitzgerald Library
Favorite place to eat off campus: ChaChis
Advice to new transfer students: Never be afraid to ask for help!

Upcoming Events


All events are free! If you would like more information about events or would like to RSVP to an event, please contact Bethany Mota:


“I’m really glad you have the transfer program in place. It has helped me make friends and meet new people. Most of my friends are from the transfer program!” – Mariah D’Souza

“I love the school so much already. I want to help make it even more appealing to other military veterans who finish their service and are looking for a school.” -Matt Brumfield

“I came from a school with large classes. I felt I could learn better where professors know my name, not just my student I.D. number.” -Austin Tafolla

Transfer Student FAQs

What is the process for transfer course substitution?

Have you transferred in a course(s) that you think will count toward a general education requirement? We can help!

First, if you have not yet sent in your official transcript(s), please do so as soon as possible. Please have them sent to:

Office of the Registrar
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
700 Terrace Heights #37
Winona, MN 55987-1399

Our Registrars Office will review your transcript and substitute in courses where seen fit. Keep in mind that in order for a course to transfer in, you must have received a final grade of a C or higher. After the Registrar’s official review, if you find that a course was not applied to a general education requirement which you think would be appropriate, please follow the below steps:
What you need to do:
Send the following information to an academic adviser in the Student Success Center (hard copies or e-mail):

  • Name of accredited institution/college
  • Official course description and/or syllabus
  • Credit amount of course
  • Name of course and course code/level
  • The name of the Saint Mary’s general education course or category you hope to have fulfilled

The academic adviser will review this information and submit a proposed decision to the Dean of Student Success. The Dean will review the information as well and make a final decision within 2-3 business days. The Academic Adviser will follow up with you on the final decision.

Approved Courses:

  • The course will then be substituted in and a new transfer evaluation will be sent to your P.O. box for your records. The substitution will also be applied to your transcript which you can view via your portal.

Courses Not Approved:

  • Courses that have transferred in but were not approved to fulfill a general education or major requirement will be counted as elective credits toward graduation.

For assistance with course substitutions for your major, please contact your major Department Chair.

To view current articulation information, visit the Saint Mary’s website..

Who can I speak to if my credits did not transfer in as expected?

For questions regarding courses you feel could be applied to general education requirements, please schedule an appointment with an academic adviser in the Student Success Center.

For questions regarding courses you feel could be applied to major requirements, please schedule an appointment with the Department Chair of your major.

Be prepared to have the course description and/or syllabus available for your meeting to be reviewed.

Who can help me with course registration?

An academic adviser in the Student Success Center can help you register for courses. If you are decided on your major, an adviser in the Student Success Center can help you fill out a Major/minor declaration form and you will then be assigned to a faculty adviser within your major and they will help you register for courses.

How do I order my books?

You can order your books online by visiting the Bookstore Website and following these steps:

  • Hover over ‘Textbooks’  (top left corner)
  • Select ‘find textbooks’
  • Use the information from your schedule to search for the required books,  i.e. LCT 140 G

To view your schedule, log into your Student Portal. If you cannot remember your username and password, you can call our IT help desk at 507-457-7800 and they can help you get logged in.

How do I find out my housing assignment?

For more information regarding housing assignments and requests, please contact the Residence Life Office at 507-457-1409

How do I get a parking sticker?

Visit the Campus Safety website for more information regarding parking on campus.

For additional information, please contact Jason Mork, Director of Campus Safety at 507-457-1888 or

Who can I talk to about my meal plan?

For more information regarding meal plans and food service hours, visit the  Food Services website.

To select your meal plan, login to your Portal and complete the ‘Winona Meal Plan’ tab in the left-hand column.

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