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Fall 2020 Registration Dates

  • Seniors: Monday, April 6th
  • Juniors: Tuesday, April 7th 
  • Sophomores: Wednesday, April 8th
  • First-Years: Thursday, April 9th  

Students should check their portal for their specific registration time.

Classification of Students:
0-23 earned credits: First Year
24-55 earned credits: Sophomore
56-86 earned credits: Junior
87+ earned credits: Senior

Summer 2020 registration opens for all students on Monday, April 6th
  • Update the term to SU20 in the portal to view summer course offering

Online Advising Resources: Fall 2020 Registration 

Reference the information below to help guide you in navigating online advising with your advisees.

Setting up online appointments

Google Meet –

Take a look at this video to learn more about how to use Google Meet, invite others to join your meeting, and how to add the meeting link to a calendar invitation. This is a great option if you already have an appointment set or know the appointment date and time and want to get it set yo virtually. 


Zoom – 

  1. Create a zoom account via the zoom website. Be sure to use your SMUMN email. 
  2. Follow the steps in this video to learn how to make your google calendar appointments zoom appointment by the click of a button!


Google Calendar Appointment Slots & Sharing Your Calendar Link –

  1. Follow the steps in this video to create appointment slots on your google calendar and how to share a link to your calendar with students to allow them to sign up for a time that works in their schedule. 
  2. Note: students will only see your available appointments when they click your calendar link. They will not see any other details/appointments on your calendar. Don’t forget to make your appointments zoom appointments as you create them.


Have questions or need help? Reach out to Bethany Mota ( or Joe Dulak (

How do I email all of my advisees at once?

From the portal homepage, click on the “Academic” heading then select “Email Students”.

Your advisees will be selected by default.

Note the dropdown menu halfway down the page. This allows you to change from your advisees to a class email roster as well if needed. 

Advising Tools

We are excited to announce that many of our forms are now fillable!! This should help make advising online much smoother!  

For all students:

For students enrolled spring 2018 and prior (Legacy Program): 


For students enrolled beginning fall 2018 and on (IGEP):


The ‘Advising’ and ‘Course Registration’ tabs at the top of the page have additional resources for students as well! 

Academic Advising Notes

Click this link to read more on:

  • Important dates and reminders
  • How should students withdraw from a course online
  • How to access the Declaration Forms online
  • How to address questions regarding transfer credits
  • Updates, Course Changes, & New Courses (within IGEP & Departments)
  • Online course offerings for fall and summer
Transfer credit/summer course approval information

Use the key below to determine who your advisee should contact based on the course they hope to take:

  • Major or Minor course – Department Chair of the major or minor
  • IGEP course – Coordinator of IGEP minor or Associate Dean for General Education
  • Legacy General Education Program course – Dean of the College


Click here for more on Transfer Credit Information, including the credit break down for IGEP requirements for transfer students. 

Registration Holds

Steps to check for holds – PDF

Steps to check for holds – instructional video 

More to come! In the meantime, students should contact Cardinal Central at with questions regarding holds.

Advisees not returning/not planning to register OR advisees not responding to you

If advisees communicate they do no plan to return this fall OR if you cannot get a response from your advisee, please submit an early alert and we will follow-up with the student.

Miscellaneous Resources

Advising Update Session

Tegrity Recording

Click the above link to view the recording or access it via Blackboard, under ‘Talks and Presentations – Faculty & Staff’ and then by clicking on the ‘Tegrity Classes’ link on the left-hand side. Look for the session titled “Faculty Advising Workshop 2 for SP2020”.


Understanding English, Math, and Spanish Placement 

Placement Guide by Academic Major

English and Math Placement Explanation


Admission into a full course 

Steps to request admission into a full course 


Archived Updates/Advising Notes

Historical Data: Updates, Course Changes, & New Courses Effective Spring 2020 

Historical Data: Updates, Course Changes, & New Courses Effective Fall 2019

Historical Data: Updates, Course Changes, and New Courses Effective Fall 2018


Email us and we are happy to help. Let us know if you would like to set up a virtual meeting. 

Bethany Mota

Marisol Martinez

Course Registration Support

During registration, your advisees may reach out to you if they are having issues. Please feel free to reiterate the message below that students were sent. 

Good to know:

  • Students will register at staggered times from April 6th – April 9th. The times are 7:00AM, 7:30AM, 12noon, 12:30PM, 4:00PM, and 4:30PM. Their date and time are listed in their portal which is set dependent on the number of credits they have earned to date.
  • SSC staff will be available to assist students live via zoom during each registration time.


Message to students:

Connect with us LIVE!

Hey cardinals! Wishing you could come to the HC Computer Labs during your registration time? We do too. Have no fear as you can still join us LIVE in a zoom meeting (but this time it is BYOD – bring your own donut!) Jump on the call anytime during your registration window and not only will Student Success and FGI advisers be available to help you but also your Peer Advisers!


Wondering what to expect when you jump on the zoom meeting? Here is what to know:

When you first join in, we will welcome you in and provide general information and guidance as you register. If you experience any issues with registration or have any specific questions, we will pop you in a breakout room from that same meeting to have a quieter space to help you troubleshoot. Have a more individualized or confidential question? Just let us know and we can do a 1-1 in a breakout room.

We can’t wait to see you! 


Registration Tutorial:

Watch this tutorial to learn about the new registration features and learn how to register for courses!


Send any questions you have regarding:

Early Alert
Submitting Early Alerts

Submitting Early Alerts

Faculty and staff who report students through the early alert system play an important role in the university’s retention efforts. Alerting the Student Success Center to a situation provides an opportunity for additional outreach to students who could be struggling with any number of issues that are affecting their class attendance and academic performance.

To submit an “Early Alert” report, log-in to the faculty portal and click “Student Early Alert” in the left hand column. Directions and the early alert form will appear. Please fill-out the form completely. The student will be contacted by a member of the early alert team, which meets weekly.

If you submit a concern about a student in your class, messages to the student from an early alert team member will instruct the student to speak to you, the instructor, about the situation.  We believe that you are the first and most important point of contact for the student.

If you have questions or would like to speak with someone in person, please contact Joe Dulak.

Joe Dulak, Director of Learning Assistance, Tutor Coordinator, Early Alert Case Manager
Office: 70L Griffin Hall
Phone Ext.: 1414

New Student Summer Events 
New Student Orientation and Registration (NSOR) and Welcome Weekend Dates
2020 NSOR Dates:
  • Saturday, April 18th
  • Saturday, June 20th
  • Monday, June 22nd
At-A-Distance Registration 
  • At-A-Distance (online registration) is available to students who live at a distance and cannot attend an NSOR session in person.


Resources for Distance Registration (updated documents for summer 2020 coming soon):

Review this one-stop doc — a 3-page guide with everything you need to know about distance registration OR use the links below for quick access to what you are looking for:

Welcome Weekend and Move-in
  • Thursday, August 20th: All First Year Students Move-in
  • Friday, August 21st – Sunday, August 23rd: Welcome Weekend
  • Monday, August 24th: Classes begin

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